If you still cannot register, try a different free PC Phone Zoiper. Click here for more information about Zoiper and configuration guide. If you still cannot register and make calls with a different softphone as well, this is due to your router's firewall (also known as NAT) blocking certain operations of your PC.

VoIP: The complete beginner’s guide It depends on your VoIP setup. Most specific VoIP providers let you port your old number over. Some, however, may require a new one. For most VoIP apps and software, you'll need to register and sign into your own account, so a phone number isn't always necessary. As long as you can sign in on the app, your contacts can call you. How much does Cisco Voip Phone Registration - Cisco Community Question How does the phone registered in CUCM environment? Answer -The phone will obtains power via PoE or AC adapter. -The phone will loads its locally stored firmware image. -The phone learns the voice vlan id via cdp from the switch. -Via DHCP it learns it IP address, subnet mask, default ga PSC VoIP Providers VoIP Provider Registration Requirements . Under Wisconsin Statutes, VoIP providers are required to register with the Commission, and to file, annually, revenue information through the annual questionnaire. VoIP providers, like all Wisconsin providers in all statutory categories, are subject to assessment for the Wisconsin universal service fund

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If your VoIP provider is not included in the supported VoIP provider list, and you have got a VoIP account with user name and password, you can set up a Register Trunk on Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX. Assume that you bought a SIP trunk from the VoIP provider, and the trunk information is displayed as below.

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