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Händel Israel in Egypt, HWV 54 - Download free sheet music Israel in Egypt, HWV 54 is a biblical oratorio by George Frideric Handel, widely believed to be based on a text by C. Jennens (also the compiler of the Messiah text). Premiered in 1739, it recycles music for previous compositions and reworks melodies by other composers. George Frideric Handel | Israel in Egypt - San Francisco Israel in Egypt Handel’s oratorio Israel in Egypt was originally performed in 1739, in the same season as the premiere of his oratorio Saul . Unlike Saul and Handel’s other early oratorios, however, Israel in Egypt is almost entirely a choral piece, with relatively few arias for soloists interspersed among the choruses. Israel in Egypt — Watchtower ONLINE LIBRARY

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Very few people have ever heard George Frideric Handel's sacred oratorio Israel in Egypt in anything like the form in which he first composed it. The story of the work's genesis is interesting: as Handel originally penned it in 1738, Israel in Egypt was a work in three acts, the first of which was an adaptation of the Funeral Anthem, HWV 264, composed the previous year on the death of his