How to Access Your Wi-Fi Router's Settings Networking

Oct 23, 2019 How to Access Your Wi-Fi Router's Settings Networking Jan 06, 2019 How to Find Your Router's IP Address for Customization and

As for the router settings: in your case, you used (presumably) a USB cable to connect to your router in order to adjust its settings. The USB cable is a simplified method of adjusting the settings, but all routers reside on a gateway and are accessible via the web browser (this option is usually on by default, but can be turned off for

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Very often, a device called a router sits between the DSL or cable modem and your laptop or the rest of the network. The router (rhymes with chowder) is designed to provide an interface between the Internet and your local network.The router takes care of most of the more confusing networking options for you; plus, it provides firewall protection between the computers on your network and the

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