The TPG ADSL2+ Super Fast Standard 130GB broadband plan on a 12-month contract comes with 130GB, split between 70GB in the peak time and 60GB in the off-peak period. The off-peak period sadly extends from 2am to 8am EST, but only downloads are counted (not uploads), which is a real advantage.

M UNLIMITED - TPG may, on giving you 7 days notice by email, adjust the start/finish (but not the length) of peak/off peak times. Minimum total cost for NBN Bundle plans over contract term calculated as: ([contract term x $(NBN Business Bundle Monthly Charge)] + setup + $20 Prepayment Outside Included Value + $10 Equipment Delivery Fee). CRITICAL INFORMATION SUMMARY - Typical Business Hours Download Speeds (9am - 5pm) NBN50 47.5Mbps Standard Plus NBN100 84.3Mbps Premium Monthly Charge $79.99 $99.99 Monthly Data Quota (Peak + Off-Peak)* 500GB (250GB + 250GB)* Shaping Speed 128Kbps/128Kbps Minimum Total Cost on 18 Month Contract $1,469.82 $1,829.82 Minimum Charge in 1st Month (18 Month Contract) $109.99 $129.99 About robbiow - TPG Community

Jan 14, 2008

2 Consists of peak (8:30am - 2:30am) and off peak (2:30am - 8:30am) monthly usage quota. Speed will be shaped to 1Mbps/1Mbps for the period in which the monthly usage quota has been exceeded (peak and/or off peak). Uploads not counted. More Info - TPG Telecom

Each channel switches power on and off to the off-peak circuits at slightly different times. The channel that my controller is programmed to respond to on weekdays switches power on between then following times: 10pm and midnight, 1.30am and 7am, 9.30am and 4pm, with extended hours on the weekends.

TPG NBN 100 plan only hits 50Mbps at peak times as 25Mbps Dec 15, 2017