Basic Definitions. WDS – Wireless Distribution System connects one or more routers to a main router to wirelessly share internet, allows roaming between routers . Subnet – the octets of an IP address selected by the subnet mask (e.g., thus for 192.168.X.Y the subnet low octet is X) . Host router – the main router connected to the internet, to share with clients

DD-WRT and VPN - Configure VyprVPN on DD-WRT | Golden Frog Protect devices without native VPN support – With DD-WRT and VyprVPN, your whole network is protected; including devices that do not natively support VPN like Xbox, Playstation, Smart TV's etc. Preserve your local network – When individual devices are connected to VyprVPN, they each have a direct tunnel to the Internet. DD-WRT Networking - Tutorials & Tweaks for DD-WRT flashed Setting up VPN on the DD-WRT firmware is an intermediate tutorial due to complex configurations and security settings. For those who doesn't already know what PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is; PPTP allows you to connect securely from a remote location (such as your office, home, or school) to a LAN (Local Area Network) designated at another location, such as your workplace/office. Chillispot - TechInfoDepot

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DD-WRT Networking - Tutorials & Tweaks for DD-WRT flashed

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