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I have the edgerouter and pfsense at two locations. Edge router 2.x firmware has been a hilarious ride to watch over the last few months. I think the way pfsense does firewall rules are way better than edge router (and a lot more manageable) The packages in pfsense are pretty sweet and add a some capabilities the edge router doesnt have pfSense | Firewall Security Company India pfSense is a free open source firewall and router. Shorewall firewall is a tool designed to configure Netfilter. Smoothwall Express is an open source firewall based on a hardened GNU/Linux OS. StillSecure deliver a software based firewall solution known as Cobia. Cobia can be installed on VMware as well. Firewall Recommendations : PFSENSE

Crash Course: Manage Network Security With pfSense Firewall

And here's my question, I have a Cisco firewall I'd like to use instead like this : INTERNET –-> pfSense server for multiwan (NAT/FW off) ----> Cisco Firewall ----> LAN. Question is how i set up the pfsense server to get this working, I only want the pfsense server to do the multiwan thing and nothing else and let the cisco fw do the rest.

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When it comes to IT-related projects, pfSense is again more popular with IT pros incorporating pfSense into 3 times the number of tech projects and assignments that utilized Untangle NG Firewall. Read more below to compare Untangle NG Firewall and pfSense usage … How to Install pfSense Firewall on Ubuntu and CentOS