While privacy is more about keeping unwanted eyes off of certain data, security is about keeping the information private, after it has been collected. It is not up to a privacy program to state the technology or processes to be used to protect personal information; it is up to the security specialists to make this determination. Source: CSO

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People may assume it is all about what they are doing, which is a small piece of the picture. However, online privacy has less to do with what you are doing, and more to do with who you are AND what you are doing. On the Internet, data has high value. It’s stolen, sold, collected and analyzed. There are many facets to privacy.

Jan 15, 2020 · Online privacy is a touchy subject.. While instant connectivity changed our world (largely for the better), it c ame with a price. And in these uncertain times, a lot of people are beginning to wonder whether national security outweighs online privacy. Unlimited privacy guide, tools to protect your online privacy. Read More. Recent Posts. How Secure is 1password – Let’s Review It. In Password Manager. June 11, 2020.

While all of us should be concerned about protecting our privacy online, there are other users for whom protecting their private information could literally be the difference between life or death, or at the very least, imprisonment. Journalists have a strong need to protect both their privacy and the user privacy of their sources.

Your online activity is monitored by advertisers who want your demographics so they can market their products and services to you. Law enforcement may monitor your activities. It is an automatic response to say, well if you are not doing anything wrong you don’t have to worry about it.