Policy Based VPN vs Route Based VPN - Know the Difference

Intranets VS Extranets - What's the difference? Intranets and Extranets of the past vs. today. Although intranet and extranet software is relatively new, these two mega platforms have advanced rapidly in the last 20 years. Frontier Technologies was the first major company to release an intranet platform. It was back in 1996—seven years after the invention of the World Wide Web—when What is the difference between intranet, extranet, and VPN Extranet - As the name suggests, it is an extended version of intranet. It is a private network that’s used to perform internet connections globally. VPN - It is Virtual Private Network. During online communication, it encrypts your data and provides anonymity. In more simple words, it secures your data transmission.

An extranet is a private intranet based on Internet and World Wide Web technology and standards that is accessible to authorized outsiders. A VPN is a method of securing a network, whereas an extranet describes a type of network in terms of its users, in this case, a firm and authorized vendors or partners.

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