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Configuring an 802.1Q Tunneling Port . To configure a port as an 802.1Q tunnel port, perform this task: Command & Purpose . Step 1 . Switch# configure terminal. Enters global configuration mode. Step 2 . Switch(config)# interface interface-id. QinQ – 802.1q Tunneling – Jamsud's Blogs Jul 29, 2014 Configuring 802.1Q tunnneling (Q-in-Q) on Cisco switches

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The multiple spanning tree protocol (MSTP) feature in 802.1Q allows us to assign different spanning trees to different VLANs. In our example network we could come up with different trees for the orange and blue VLANs as shown in Figure 18 where the different link colors are used to denote the two different trees in use and the the VLANs using them. Configuring 802.1Q and Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling A port configured to support 802.1Q tunneling is called a tunnel port. When you configure tunneling, you assign a tunnel port to a VLAN ID that is dedica ted to tunneling. Each customer requires a separate service provider VLAN ID, but that service provider VLAN ID supports VLANs of all the customers. QFX5100 802.1Q Tunneling (Q-in-Q)

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1) Configure 802.1Q VLAN and basic VLAN-VPN. 2) Configure VLAN mapping. Configuration Guidelines Before you start, configure 802.1Q VLAN and the basic VLAN-VPN. Configure 802.1Q VLAN based on network requirements. Besides, VLAN mapping entries work only after you have set VPN up-link ports and VPN ports in the basic VLAN-VPN configuration