Ntc and ncell gprs setting for Android mobile phones

NTC Nepal APN Settings - Mobile Phone Manuals The APN Settings as well as the MMS and GPRS settings have been added below for the NTC mobile network. Note that there are also the APN settings for SmartCell in the country. You can see on the side of this website that there are directions to setup Windows, Android as well as Apple on their network. The settings below are easy to understand and very easy to insert these APN settings for the How To Subscribe NTC 3G On Existing 2G Simcards,Apn NTC 3G APN setting to configure manually ? Even though many customers do not need to set up APN for using 3G as just enabling 3G on their SIM card will let them use cellular data on existing and available 3G network, other users might need the setting. Also do note, smart phones like iPhone do not need any kind of such settings. GPRS Settings for Andriod Phones: NTC (Nepal Telecom We should manually Config the setting for Android Handset Like: Samsung Galaxy Y Go To: >Settings > Wireless and Setting > Mobile Networks >Access Point Names > New APN > input the following Name: ntnet APN: ntnet Proxy: Port: 8000 MMC: 429 MNC: 01 APN Type: internet * Only edit the above part. Then Save it, and you are done. Enjoy

You will receive automatic settings for your phone. Save the settings and you are ready to surf. In case, the automatic setting did not work, you will have to manually set the mobile internet. Go to Settings menu of your mobile and then to the internet/mobile data/cellular/web settings …

Jan 01, 2017

How to change Network from 4G/3G/2G to 3G/2G in Samsung

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